Vortex Magazine and Rye Room Session

I’m humbled and smiling ear to ear today. In the midst of all the recent chaos, both locally and globally, it has been hard to find joy. But… I was pleasantly surprised by the kind people at Vortex Magazine (Portland’s finest music publication, if ya ask me), and their generous words about my music. I don’t take this kind of thing/recognition lightly. As an artist, I so often throw my music into the giant, dark, abyss that is the internet, say a prayer, and cross my fingers, hoping someone may like it. It means the world, like really, to receive such kind press. Vortex Magazine is featuring my Rye Room Session this week; a cover of Cat Steven’s “Wild World”, one of my all time faves… Thank you so much to the amazing people at @theryeroom and Merlin Showalter who captured the live performance of me playing and singing… Oh, also… Fellow musicians, I highly recommend The Rye Room in Portland, OR if you’re looking for a place to record your music. You won’t find a more talented or good person than Matt Greco. He’s the dude with all the musical mojo. Call him.

Thanks for listening. Love and  out.

Here’s the article:

Watch the RYE ROOM SESSION video below:

New Video and Collaboration with Evynne Hollens

Hello, Friends! 🙂

I am SO SO SO excited to post this new video, a collaboration with my dear and talented friend, Evynne Hollens. Evynne is no stranger to beautiful ballads and her voice is absolutely stunning! Getting to sing this special Sarah McLachlan song with her was a total joy. The tune is from Toy Story 2 (for all you Disney fans), and it brings me to tears every time I hear it! I truly hope that you enjoy this song as much as we loved making it!

Love you all, and I will be back soon with another video… Please share this with friends and family who you think would be interested.

Oh, also… I got a hair cut. 🙂

Bye for now! xo


New Original Song and Music Video Release: “Gonna Be OK”

Hey Friends! (Please share this with folks you think would be interested…)

WOW! Ok!! SO!! The next video is here (and the Patreon journey continues). This original song is very special to me. If you watch all the way to the very end of the video, I disclose why this song is so important to me and I talk about the meaning behind it… Also, fun fact: After every music video I release on Patreon, I talk about the video and tell the story behind it! It’s a fun way for you to get some behind-the-scenes info about the song, and hear the story behind it. So stay tuned till the video is over for the inside scoop!

A huge shout out to my Patreon supporters. Thank you SO MUCH! I couldn’t have made this video without you!

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New Music Video: “THIS TOWN”

Dear Friends and Family, the Patreon and Music Video journey continues!

Here is my second music video, and this one is a cover song by the delightful Niall Horan. 🙂 I so enjoyed creating this with videographer, Derich Hartfeil…Please watch, share, and enjoy! Big thanks to Matt Salinas for the song production! (Click: Watch in HD for best viewing experience!)

Watch “This Town” here!


New Video: “Time Will Heal Everything”

 “The wound is the place where the light enters you…”

Here is a song I wrote about the wound, the light, the dark, and the power of time. Enjoy, and please share with people who might be interested…

Dear, PATRONS:  Thank you. You have made this video possible. I couldn’t have done this without you! To find out more about what I’m doing on Patreon CLICK HERE. 🙂

(Click “watch in HD 1080” for best viewing experience!)

“Time Will Heal Everything” by Anna Gilbert available everywhere digital music is sold.

Three New Songs in December … and Happy New Year!

Wow! This past holiday season was so musical and fruitful! I was able to be a part of releasing three new Christmas songs in the month of December. I released my own video and version of the Christmas Carol (co-arranged with Wilson Parks), “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, wrote a song with Peter Hollens called “December Song”, and also co-wrote a Christmas song with Nate Botsford called “Calling on Heaven”. I am super proud of all of these tunes, and hope you will check them out, too! I’ll post the videos below! These songs are all available for download on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and every digital music is sold! Happy New Year!