New Music Video: “THIS TOWN”

Dear Friends and Family, the Patreon and Music Video journey continues!

Here is my second music video, and this one is a cover song by the delightful Niall Horan. 🙂 I so enjoyed creating this with videographer, Derich Hartfeil…Please watch, share, and enjoy! Big thanks to Matt Salinas for the song production! (Click: Watch in HD for best viewing experience!)

Watch “This Town” here!


New Video: “Time Will Heal Everything”

 “The wound is the place where the light enters you…”

Here is a song I wrote about the wound, the light, the dark, and the power of time. Enjoy, and please share with people who might be interested…

Dear, PATRONS:  Thank you. You have made this video possible. I couldn’t have done this without you! To find out more about what I’m doing on Patreon CLICK HERE. 🙂

(Click “watch in HD 1080” for best viewing experience!)

“Time Will Heal Everything” by Anna Gilbert available everywhere digital music is sold.

Support my Videos on Patreon!

Support my Videos on Patreon!

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to announce that I am doing Patreon and will spend 2017 making music videos for songs I am creating or covering…

I have spent most of my life making records, writing songs and performing them, and honestly, creating music is what I love to do most… Maybe you’re like me and certain songs have shaped your life and highlighted your memories. Music’s expression is such a powerful gift. I believe a good song has a magical way of bringing people together — it moves us to tears, makes us laugh, and helps us connect with our feelings…  OR it just makes us want to dance. (And who doesn’t love to shake their tale feathers every now and then?) AND that, in a nutshell, is the reason I am doing Patreon. I hope my songs and videos add a bit of light and joy to your life.

 Making a life as a musician, at times, can seem like an uphill battle… In fact, a guy once told me after one of my concerts that it is not really possible to be a successful artist without a major record deal… (And, yeah, I must admit I cried a little.) But guess what? I got over it because I discovered he was wrong! Patreon is amazing because (thanks to the ol’ internet and a little support from fans and followers) artists can can create great content regularly and share it with people who enjoy it!

Patreon is crucial for me as a working musician to continue creating. (I can hear the Beatles singing in my head as I type this, “I get by with a little help from my friends…”) The music I make here comes from collaborations with instrumentalists, producers, and videographers. Of course they cannot donate their time for free, and I would not want them to. We work together to make the songs and videos look and sound as quality and interesting as possible… and this takes funds to make it all happen.

Check Out The Rewards for You and Your Support!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this and hopefully considering becoming one of my patrons and helping me to continue to make music. Even if it’s just a $1 dollar tip per video, it means the WORLD – truly! And for those who have already become a patron, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope you find the rewards fun (they are listed to your right), and that they help you feel a part of what I am doing… because you are! The truth is that you, and other appreciative listeners just like you, are the reason I am making this music, and without your help, I couldn’t do it. I am so grateful for you!

Love and blessings! Check out my Patreon Page Here! And watch the video above to learn more! 🙂


Three New Songs in December … and Happy New Year!

Wow! This past holiday season was so musical and fruitful! I was able to be a part of releasing three new Christmas songs in the month of December. I released my own video and version of the Christmas Carol (co-arranged with Wilson Parks), “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, wrote a song with Peter Hollens called “December Song”, and also co-wrote a Christmas song with Nate Botsford called “Calling on Heaven”. I am super proud of all of these tunes, and hope you will check them out, too! I’ll post the videos below! These songs are all available for download on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and every digital music is sold! Happy New Year!



New Music in 2016!

Hey guys! I just got done recording some music in Nashville, TN with Jeremy Larson. I can’t wait to show you these songs. Here are some photos from the studio!

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Studio Selfie


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Final Vocals

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Here’s a fun little shot with Suki, Jeremy Larson’s pug! 🙂 This record has some bright and sunny songs on it! 🙂


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Excited for all the instrumentation going on this record. 

Catch Anna live in Portland!

Make sure and catch Anna and the band live in concert on March 30th, Sunday night, in Portland, OR! Anna and the band will be playing a concert at one of the most premier venues in the city, Mississippi Studios. Anna will be helping support the record release of Samsel and the Skirt and Nate Botsford — it’s going to be a big party, so don’t miss it! The show starts at 8:00pm and costs $8 at the door. Or you can: Buy your tickets early and save a couple bucks!

photo credit: Quentin Furrow

photo credit: Quentin Furrow