Vortex Magazine and Rye Room Session

I’m humbled and smiling ear to ear today. In the midst of all the recent chaos, both locally and globally, it has been hard to find joy. But… I was pleasantly surprised by the kind people at Vortex Magazine (Portland’s finest music publication, if ya ask me), and their generous words about my music. I don’t take this kind of thing/recognition lightly. As an artist, I so often throw my music into the giant, dark, abyss that is the internet, say a prayer, and cross my fingers, hoping someone may like it. It means the world, like really, to receive such kind press. Vortex Magazine is featuring my Rye Room Session this week; a cover of Cat Steven’s “Wild World”, one of my all time faves… Thank you so much to the amazing people at @theryeroom and Merlin Showalter who captured the live performance of me playing and singing… Oh, also… Fellow musicians, I highly recommend The Rye Room in Portland, OR if you’re looking for a place to record your music. You won’t find a more talented or good person than Matt Greco. He’s the dude with all the musical mojo. Call him.

Thanks for listening. Love and  out.

Here’s the article:

Watch the RYE ROOM SESSION video below:

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