Download “The Able Heart” on iTunes now!


I am so excited to announce that my new album “The Able Heart” is out now on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify! OR purchase a CD on CDbaby!

Out of all the projects I’ve made, this record is the most autobiographical one I’ve ever done. “The Able Heart” is inspired by stories I’ve connected to over the last season of my life. I’ll confess that the last few years have been steadily turbulent and unpredictable – more so than anytime I can remember in my life. I’ve watched people I love succeed and fail, fall in and out of love, thrive and achieve, and just plain suffer. I’ve seen relationships crumble and come together again stronger than ever. Personally, I have faced my own ample dose of disappointments and confusion.

Yet, I’ve felt total contentment in the simplest of moments. The ups and downs of each year and all the unexpected deliveries that life brings have made me think that the heart is a like a house; weathering storms and severe heat while our will to survive stays inside and waits for clear skies. Hope, then, is like the concrete foundation keeping our “heart-house” from crumbling.

We all cling to hope, so we don’t crumble – whether it’s a hand to hold, a prayer to God whispered in desperation, or a wise word from a trusted friend. It’s amazing to me how humans endure the kinds of things we do.

This record is about that kind of endurance, that resilience, and that able heart.

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