New Music In The Works…

Dear Friends- I am very happy to say that this last year has been very eventful and creative! I was able to pen about ten songs for up and coming country artists, and it was something I only dreamt could happen. To be a part of the songwriting process for other artists is fun, but the rewarding part is getting to hear your song come to life through the voice of someone else! There’s nothing like it.

All that collaborating has put my own songwriting on hold… until now! I have begun creating another record with my good friend and guitar player, Wilson Parks. Because of the success and feedback we received from the Christmas album we co-produced, we are going for round two! We are making a new record with all original songs and arrangements. It’s coming together quite nicely and we don’t want to give away too much! 🙂 Let’s just say it’s going to be really fun to update you as we go.

Thanks for coming along with me and supporting this little musical journey. I love having friends and family to share these songs with, and I hope you can hear them all very soon!

Here’s to the next musical season!



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